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With key public health and health system indicators starting to show improvements, Ontario has released details of steps to cautiously and gradually ease public health measures, starting on January 31, 2022.  In the absence of concerning trends in public health and health care indicators, Ontario will follow a cautious and phased approach to lifting public health measures, with 21 days between each step.

Based on the current Public Health Guidelines, the following restrictions apply to all areas of our facility:

Upon entry:

  • Active screening is required upon entry to the facility.  Everyone must complete the online screening tool and present the result to facility staff - LINK TO SCREENING;

  • Stay home if you are feeling unwell or if anyone in their household is experiencing symptoms of Covid-19;

  • Sanitize your hands upon entry;

  • Wear a mask or face covering;

  • Provide Proof of Vaccination (2 doses, plus 14 days) and ID is required for all customers age 12 and over.  Reminder: We can no longer accept the original Proof of Vaccination receipts.  You must present a QR Code for scanning.  If you have previously been verified, you must present your QR Code for re-verification.


Weight Room:

  • The Weight Room and Cardio Space has a capacity of 12 people;

  • 2 Metres physical distancing is required between customers not from the same household;

  • Weight room users are permitted to access the change rooms, but are encouraged to come dressed in their gym clothes;

  • Weight Room users must check-in at the Desk and present their screening;

  • Users must wear a mask/face-covering upon entry and exit of the facility, in the lobby, and weight room, except for during active exercise;

  • The Weight Room will not close for cleaning;

  • Drink fountains will remain closed and

  • Weight room users must disinfect the equipment immediately after use.



  • The capacity for Fitness Classes is 10 people;

  • 2 metres physical distancing is required and each customer will be provided with their own "square";

  • Masks/face coverings must be worn at all times, except when actively exercising;

  • No mats will be loaned out; and

  • Instructors are responsible for cleaning all equipment after use.


Swimming Pool:

  • The capacity for the Swimming Pool is 30 people (5 swimmers for lengths);

  • Wear a mask/face-covering upon entry and exit of the facility, in the lobby, the change rooms, and onto the pool deck, except for during swimming;

  • Change rooms will be open for Pool Users with a maximum capacity of 6 people;

  • 2 metres physical distance is required between those not from the same household, including during swimming, while on deck, and in the change rooms;

  • The sauna will remain closed.

These restrictions are in place until, at least, February 21st.

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