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Daycamp Policies and Procedures

Evolution Recreation Centre



CANCELLATIONS AND REFUNDS: Cancellations and transfers can be made up to 2 weeks (10 business days) prior to the start of a session with 100% refund.  Cancellations less than 7 days or no shows for any reason will not receive a refund of the original payment. 


FEES: Cash, credit, debit and cheques are accepted on site (Please make cheques payable to Evolution Mining). 


LATE FEES Day-Camp ends at 4:30PM sharp.  Late parent arrivals are subject to additional fees.  The fees are as follows: Between 4:31PM– 5:30 PM – An additional $25.00 charge. Every 10 minutes thereafter is a $10.00 charge. Late fees are per child and will be due upon pickup that night. 




RATIOS: At a minimum, we maintain a 1:10 Day Camp-Staff to Camper ratio onsite.


IDENTIFICATION CHECKS: Regular random identification checks will also be done at pick up.  Parents and guardians should come prepared to identify themselves with Government issued photo identification.  A child will not be released to an individual who cannot confirm their identity if they were requested to do so.


INJURIES:Any staff intervening in a major or minor injury will follow the guideline as noted in the policies and procedures manual.  An incident report shall be completed, signed by a parent or guardian and kept on record indefinitely.


ILLNESSES:All illnesses must be communicated to camp staff in order to ensure the effective care of the camper.  Campers who may have contagious illnesses may be required to stay home from camp until a medical Doctor gives written notice that their illness is no longer contagious.  Serious illness that does not physically permit a child to come to camp may be considered for a partial refund when a doctor’s note is presented, outlining a child’s inability to participate in regular camp activities.


SEVERE ALLERGIES AND MEDICAL CONCERNS: All allergy and severe medical concerns must be communicated during registration to make sure that we can take suitable precautions.  Although we will make efforts for the safety of the child, we cannot guarantee contaminant free facilities or activities for allergies, or necessary restrictions for severe medical concerns.  Parents/Guardians of children with serious allergies or medical concerns must contact the recreation supervisor directly to see if our program and facilities can properly and safely cater to their child’s needs.


NUT FREE: Evolution Day-Camp is a strictly nut-free programs. We ask that all staff and participants refrain from bringing peanuts and other nut products into camp. 

While we discourage participants and staff from brining peanut and nut products to programs, campers and their families must be aware that our facilities are not peanut and nut-free. Items in our concessions, kitchens, vending machines, etc. may contain peanut and nut products. 


CAMP SNACKS & FOOD ACTIVITIES: Some camp activities involve food. Parents of campers with food allergies will be notified prior to the start of camp to ensure activities are safe for their child. 


PHOTO/VIDEO RELEASE: The Evolution Recreation Centre team will be taking photos and videos during programming that may be used in future marketing materials. For this reason, parents/guardians of campers can opt-in on the Photo/Video Release during registration to give Evolution Mining permission to take and use these photos and videos. *Parents/guardians are responsible for reading and understanding the detailed information on the Photo/Video Release form before providing consent. Consent will be requested at the time of registration. The notes below do not contain all of the information on the form and are only meant to help clarify some of the information.

By consenting to Photo/Video Release you give Evolution Mining permanent permission:

  • to take photos and video of the camper

  • to use all photos and video taken in various ways for marketing, promotion and advertising

  • to fully own and edit all photos and video taken

  • to use all photos and video taken without the need for approval from you of its use or how it is used

  • to not be prevented from using all photos and video taken






Please take a moment to read through the behaviour policy with your child.

  • Children must respect other children, staff, and equipment

  • Children must stay with their designated group, adhering to our supervision requirements

  • Children must refrain from any behaviour that threatens the safety or well being of any staff person or child in our program, including themselves

  • Children must refrain from using foul language

Threatening behaviours are unacceptable and may lead to removal from camp without a refund. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Punching, kicking, slapping, biting or using physical violence of any kind

  • Bullying

  • Threatening someone with verbal/physical violence

  • Possession of weapons or items intended for use as weapons


BEHAVIOUR GUIDANCE PROCEDURE: In the situation where it has been determined that discipline is required, the following steps will be taken.

  1. The child will be approached on a one to one basis by the nearest staff member. The staff will get down to the child’s level, make eye contact and speak in a calm and non-threatening manner, directly to him/her.

  2. Staff will actively listen to all parties involved.

  3. Staff will encourage and assist the child with solving the problem as well as coming up with a workable solution for all.

  4. The staff will explain (if necessary) and ensure that the child understands what is expected of him/her, and why his/her actions were in question.

  5. The staff will redirect the child by offering choices.

  6. Should the behavior persist, the staff will give a warning to the child. The warning will be direct and with a natural consequence. E.g. “Keep the craft supplies at the craft table or you will have to leave the craft table.”

  7. Should the behavior persist, put another child or staff in an unsafe situation or infringe on the rights of others, the child will be removed from the group. The time removed will be based on the child’s development level. After a brief time the staff and child will discuss the incident together. He/she will then be directed back into the program.

  8. Should the unacceptable behavior continue throughout the day, and if it is of an aggressive nature, the Recreation Supervisor will be involved in determining next steps. Including contacting the parent/guardian or alternate pick up person (in that order) to immediately pick up the child. Documented report(s) of the incidents will be given to the child’s parent. A copy will also be made to keep in the child's file.

Please note: parents will be informed of incidents that inflict injury upon another person, or that are recurring in nature. In the case of recurring behaviors, it may be necessary to invite the parents/ guardians to meet with the Recreation Supervisor to discuss the situation and to develop a plan of action that can result in success for the child.

Threatening behaviours are unacceptable and may lead to removal from camp without a refund. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Punching, kicking, slapping, biting or using physical violence of any kind

  • Bullying

  • Threatening someone with verbal/physical violence

  • Possession of weapons or items intended for use as weapons

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